How Childhood Trauma Affects Our Mental & Physiological Health Over A Lifetime

The history of Australian Aborigines and Torres Strait Islander children used respecfully as an example.

We can learn a lot about childhood trauma studying Australian Aborigines and Torres Strait Islander history, particularly looking at their treatment at the hands of white colonists.

When the white man came, the dreaming was over, the age of innocence was gone for ever from a people who were very spiritual, relied on family, for whom respect was a way of life, they didn’t wear clothing, hunted for food, had their own methods for farming and had community laws within their own clans. Their life had structure and they were connected to each other and to the land, identifying with it and looking after it.

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Children
Kids from the stolen generation and those kids who witnessed the horrors of seeing family members killed, tortured, raped or brutalised in any way would not have remained the same. Any normally happy child under those circumstances can become angry, develp psychological problems such as depression and anxiety.

The History of Australia – Watch the 4 Part Australians Together Video series to gain a full understanding of the history from the beginning right up to present day.

Diversity, Respect & Dignity
After learning this I started thinking about how easy it is for us to mistreat one another for our own personal gain.  Childhood trauma doesn’t just go away.  Particuarly when discrimination, denial, rascism and all those nasty predjudice attitudes are still around.  We need to stop the ignorance by educating our children within our schools right from kindy about diversity and respect and point out the importance of dignity as a basic human right.  This might even go a long way towards solving the bullying issue most schools have.

TED TALK – How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime | Nadine Burke

Contact Lifeline 13 11 14 if you are experiencing an emotional or traumatic crisis.
Talk to a counsellor if you struggle with Childhood trauma.  Don’t do it alone. The key to healing is to not bury it. Share your story no matter how bad. There’s no shame.

Forgiveness is an option used widely in the healing process.  It’s a choice or decision we can make that doesn’t let the other person off the hook or deny what happened, but instead allows the hurting person to heal by freeing themselves from the bitter root of resentment and unforgivness.




Refugees & Their Global Neighbours

Recently displaced people from war torn Syria and Iraq have traveled to foreign lands seeking refuge.


There’s always a war going somewhere in the world. Recently the refugees from war torn Syria and Iraq have traveled to countries by land and sea using various modes of transport.  Many of them walked across borders to neighbouring countries with their families and in the desperation to leave a war torn land to find safety elsewhere, over 2000 displaced people fleeing for their safety by sea have drowned according to various news reports.

Their Neighbours

Many European countries are seeing an influx of refugees in their cities.  Some countries in Europe have closed their borders to refugees.

Countries like Australia are taking extra measures of precaution with offshore processing of refugees. While many people don’t agree with keeping people in detention centres who have already suffered trauma, some of us believe that the stance taken by the government is in our best interest for safety of Australian citizens.

Most of the refugees come undocumented from overseas without the proper documentation. In a country where it’s important to have our identity documented, we don’t really know who we are letting into our borders thus the belief that off shore processing serves its purpose.

Others protest that Australian methods of processing refugees is inhumane and that its also an unneighbourly act in keeping people and even whole families locked up who have already been through enough and who will eventually suffer with the mental health consequences of their incarceration on top of what they’ve already experienced.

We have to ask ourselves:

  • How well do we know our neighbours?
  • How are we as Australian citizens threatened by them?
  • Do we show them respect?
  • Is there room for improvement on how we process our refugees?
  • Is their more we can do to liberate their homelands?
  • Are we helping them with their mental health issues?
  • Are they having their basic needs and rights met?
  • Are the children safe and are they schooled?
  • Are they being taught to speak English while they are waiting to be processed?

What else can we do to help them? 

  • Try to understand them and their situation. Walk a mile in their shoes – What if you and your family were in their position?
  • Treat them like you would like to be treated. What would you expect?
  • Provide mental health support – They need to process their experiences.

Humans are of many ethnicities but we are of one race, the human race. We are all connected.  We have to treat others how we want to be treated.  It all comes back to us.

Recently the Daily Mail reported that Traffickers are luring people to Europe through Facebook.

Read – Australia’s response to the Syrian-Iraqi humanitarian Crisis.

By Sandra Ciminelli.

Similar Spanish & English Words With Absolutely Different Meanings


Growing up in Australia but speaking Spanish in the family home had me living within 2 cultures and not exactly feeling like I was fully 100% Aussie nor Uruguayan.  I felt more like a hybrid.

The two languages were confusing at times, especially when similar sounding Spanish words to English had completely different meanings. I remember attempting to tell my mother that I was embarrassed, but the similar Spanish word I used actually means ‘pregnant!’  As you can imagine this was not received well in the ’70’s.

Here is a list of 12 Spanish words with their English meanings that I had to learn to be mindful of!

Similar to the English word ‘exit’
Spanish meaning = success
Spanish word for Exit = Salida

Sensible (pronounced ‘sensibleh’)
Similar to the English word ‘sensible’
The Spanish meaning = sensitive
Spanish word for sensible = Sensato

Similar to the English word ‘Embarrassed’
Spanish Meaning = pregnant
Spanish word for embarassed = Avergonzado

Similar to the English word ‘camp’
Spanish meaning = field
Spanish word for camp = Acampar

Similar to the English word ‘fabric’
Spanish meaning = factory
Spanish word for fabric = Tela

similar to the English word ‘rope’
Spanish meaning = clothes
Spanish word for rope = Cuerda

Similar to the English word ‘bigot’
Spanish meaning = mustache
Spanish word for bigot = Fanatico

Similar to the English word ‘arena’
Spanish meaning = sand
Spanish word for arena = Pista

Similar to the English word ‘molester’
Spanish meaning = upset
Spanish word for molester = Molestador

Similar to the English word ‘diverted’
Spanish meaning = fun
Spanish word for diverted = Desviado

Similar to the English word ‘sin’
Spanish meaning = without
Spanish word for sin = Pecado

Similar to the English word ‘disgust’
Spanish meaning = annoyance
Spanish word for disgust = Asco

Similar to the English word ‘grocery’
Spanish meaning = vulgarity
Spanish word for grocery = comestibles

Similar to the English word ‘compromise’
Spanish meaning = commitment
Spanish word for compromise = comprometer

Similar to the English word ‘carpet’
Spanish meaning = folder
Spanish words for carpet = alfombra

  • Carpeta – suggested by La Rosi.  Thanks!

It’s no wonder that some Spanish speaking people find the English language somewhat difficult to master.

By Sandra Ciminelli 2016