Cell disorder found in women with PMDD makes them different to women with PMS on a molecular level.

Scientific breakthrough raises questions about chemicals, plastics, food additives and everyday toxins that could be affecting women at a reproductive age.

Scientific research has uncovered that women with PMDD are different on a genetic and molecular level to those with PMS finding that a ‘cellular disorder’ may be the cause. NIH researchers found a sex hormone-sensitive gene complex linked to PreMenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD).

I’m not a scientist but as a woman with PMDD I now wonder if this condition is caused by a natural abnormality or are genetically modified foods, the use of plastics and toxic chemicals in the air we breath to the food we eat, combined with preservatives and food additives in processed foods modifying our women’s cellular & molecular structure, particuarly those at a reproductive age?  What about alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking?

Science has long experimented with animals finding that toxic chemicals affect the reproductive systems of females, their offspring and future generations.  These new  findings warrant further research.

We all know that the best approach to eating healthy is eating natural and organic.  Simply because of the amount of chemicals in food which includes pestiscides is dangerous to everyone but more so for those who are less tolerant.  Asthmatics come to mind.

The problem is that we live in a fast paced working society with convenience food readily available.  This has become a major industry in western society that was quickly adopted into the culture.

I recommend the following reading for those who have PMDD  to understand how it affects our relationships. Written by a woman who has experienced life with PMDD and the harm it can do to relationships.

Sandra. C.

Author: Pen With A View

Blogger at: www.penwithaview.com

4 thoughts on “Cell disorder found in women with PMDD makes them different to women with PMS on a molecular level.”

  1. Hello, Sandra, Thank you for recommending my book! I am so glad you found it a helpful resource regarding relationships and PMDD. I have shared a link to this post on my Facebook page, Living with PMDD. The subject of your post is wonderful news for women with PMDD. Progress is being made…

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  2. I’m with you. I suffered from PMDD for 16 years, and am now almost symptom-less. I’ve recently realized that PMDD is a host of horrible symptoms. Remove the actual issue, remove the symptoms. Our bodies are changing and trying to adapt to our chemical laden, sedentary, stressed filled world, but they just aren’t meant to. We are mutating cells left and right and our systems are failing us. It is possible to heal ourselves, it’s just so damn hard. Inflammatory foods I think were the biggest for me, but ultimately it was following the whole holistic health approach that got me on the other side. PMDD isn’t our destiny. But it’s our bodies way of telling us what we are doing is not working.

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    1. I agree with you also. When we trash our environment we are no better than birds pooping in their own nests. We are bound to get sick and PMDD is natures way of telling the world that reproductive systems are being affected and if women are being affected, then so are their offspring. The future of mankind is being gambled with for the sake of the dollar. Capitalism and everything under it along with farming, food industry and mass production needs a massive overhaul. When killing an ants nest, pest control will spray the worker ants with poison, who then take it back to the nest to infect and kill the queen aiming to stop her from reproducing more workers. Without the queen or worker ants the nest cannot thrive.


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