TWO POEMS – The Hurt & Death In the Lies We Tell


Charming character who am I?

Of masked atrocities and pain

The past extorts, assumes and lashes out

with distrust, malice, hatred and disdain.

ME: Past oh tortured why come back?  I’ve had enough of you!

PAST: I’m giving you another chance to change your point of view!

ME: In Jesus I believe. God Why has this happened? I’ll serve you set me free!

GOD: I’m here, I’ll heal, forgive and guide you, I’ve made you for my glory.


Lies held dear for comfort

are lies none the less

who with lies can you set free,

to heal or even bless?

Lies taste sweet as honey

to sugar coat bad taste

Lies hurt, deceive and flatter

undermining intelligence with haste.


By Sandra Ciminelli

Pen With A View

Author: Pen With A View

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